What should we do in Canadian house renovation?

Don’t make houses look too “personal”

Many friends like to decorate their home with their own personality, or put many decorations full of family affection, such as hanging many photos of family and children in the house. If such a house is used for living, it is naturally very good. But if used for sale, this is a big taboo. Because generally, when buying a house, buyers will unconsciously project into their own imagination of a better life in the future. So too personal layout can easily make buyers feel uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to sell a house, it is recommended that the homeowners temporarily take away photos of them and their families. If the color of the wall is too bright, it is better to repaint it and change to a neutral color.

Make sure everything is perfect

Some informal homeowners may not mind subtle flaws. For example, slight scratches on glass and tiny cracks in plaster may not affect daily life, and even the owner may not be able to find them. But if home sellers look at the house with a critical eye, these flaws are likely to reduce their psychological valuation of the house. So if you want to sell the house for a good price, the homeowner had better check everything carefully. If necessary, you can also ask others to review, even the smallest flaws can not be ignored.

Smart use of chandeliers

Chandeliers are a technique that is extremely low cost, but has a high rate of return. Because in the eyes of most people, a major feature of a good house is that it is neat and bright. However, many houses have insufficient lighting. At this time the easiest way is to put more beautiful and elegant chandeliers around the house. Or at least some high-power lighting equipment should be used to make the house look bright. Many sellers feel that they need to spend a lot of money on lighting. But in fact, we can find many very good lamps in any furniture store. This will cost hundreds of dollars at most.

Pay attention to the visual effects of furniture and house

Pay particular attention to whether the room after the home will look small. For example, a homeowner may have a large sofa at home, and there may be no problems in life, but if it makes the entire room look cramped and small in the picture, then it must be removed. In order to make the room look larger, it is recommended that the homeowner choose some sets of smaller furniture when doing pre-sale packaging, and it is best to put more in each room. Some space can be left next to these furniture to make the room more spacious.

Clean the kitchen

The kitchen and cabinets must be neat and clean. When making pre-sale packaging, all kitchen utensils must be neatly arranged. A cluttered kitchen is most likely to be offensive. If you have a lot of kitchen utensils like kitchen utensils or tableware, put them in the cupboard as much as possible.

Kitchen design

In addition to being clean and tidy, the kitchen must be as beautiful as possible, which requires special design of the kitchen. Be sure to install room baffles on the kitchen wall. If it wasn’t originally installed, you would have to install one in order to sell for a good price. This will not only make the kitchen look tidy, but also cover up the original stains or defects. The cost of decorating a room’s baffle depends on the situation, and is usually not long, and it can be done in a weekend. In addition, the quality of kitchen tiles must be guaranteed. As for the material, you can consider glass mosaic, mirror tiles, or just some trendy designs on ordinary tiles.

Cloths, cushions, etc. have to be replaced with brand new ones

Things like tea coasters, seat cushions, and oven gloves need to be replaced with new ones, at least to make them look new.

Must be absolutely clean, especially the kitchen!

To ensure absolute cleanliness, homeowners may even consider hiring a professional cleaning company to clean the house. Make sure the entire house is cleaned inside and out, leaving no dead ends. Cleaning the kitchen must be especially careful. Because the kitchen may become the object of important decoration and renovation of the house, it must also be the object of important cleaning.

Rebuild the bathroom

Many furniture in the bathroom comes with your home. Generally speaking, the characteristics of these furniture are more than practical, but not beautiful. So in order to make the pre-sale packaging, the homeowner had better replace all these things. This usually doesn’t cost much. For example, buying a mirror with a more trendy and stylish border frame to replace the mirror that comes with that house when buying a house may be less than a hundred. This requires a small change, if it is equipped with sufficient lighting, the entire bathroom will look like it has been renovated. You can even find antique mirrors or antique-style utensils in some home improvement stores. Of course, you have to make sure this matches the style of the bathroom.

布置 Decorate the bathroom with hotel standard

Pay particular attention to details that are not easy to think of, such as the horizontal bar on a towel. There are towels, toilet paper, wastebaskets, etc. It is best to use a set of items. And when doing pre-sale packaging, things like soap and cosmetics are best brand new. Towels are preferred to be clean white and stacked neatly on a towel rack. In short, the entire bathroom is best arranged in accordance with the hotel.

Rearrange the master bedroom

When setting up the master bedroom, you can also refer to hotel standards. For example, place two pillows with pillowcases on the bedside, and it is best to be brand new and look as fluffy as possible; the sheets should be clean and fresh; the quilts should be covered with quilts The quilt must be dragged to the ground. And the above bedding is also preferred white. In addition, it is generally recommended to place a table lamp on the bedside table in harmony with the overall style of the room. Don’t put anything on the table, but you can put a vase with flowers as appropriate.

Make sure the exterior of the house is as clean as the interior

In order to do this, homeowners must build lawns and shrubs outside the house and take care of the front and back yards. If conditions permit, it is strongly recommended that the owner can plant some seasonal flowers.

The scent of fragrance also adds to the good impression of the house

Some home-cooked homeowners will also prepare hand-made snacks when others visit the room, such as freshly baked cookies and scented cookies. In addition, the homeowner can also put some incense or spray some spray on the house before the visitor arrives. But pay special attention here, the spray and the smell of the spray should not be too irritating and need to match the style of the room. It is generally recommended to use some light-scented perfumes.

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