Commercial buildings are different from civil buildings. Commercial buildings place higher demands on builders and owners. This requires a detailed understanding of commercial building construction.

1. Discuss the building plan
For all commercial and industrial projects that involve changes in the structure of the building, you must obtain a building plan from an architect or engineer to be eligible for a building permit. Architects can also help you write your ideas on paper and come up with ideas for retrofit plans for your commercial or industrial building. The architect will provide your project with professional advice from a professional perspective, so that you can get the best solution.

2. Apply for a building permit
For any refurbished building in Canada, you need to obtain one or more permits from your city, and they must approve or approve your project based on the building plan you submitted. Architects and contractors will know what types of permits you need and can guide you on what to do to get a permit.

3. Foundation, frame and insulation
If you need to build a new building, you need new foundations, new frames and effective insulation. To make sure your building is strong enough and to avoid rebuilding, all of this needs to start in the right way. Professional foundation construction contractors, they will make your building a real “fortress” to withstand the external environment.

4. Architectural planning is important
For performance and efficiency, or just for aesthetic reasons, the equipment and accessories inside are critical. Architects and contractors with this type of work experience have the ability to take over office renovations and industrial warehouse renovations and renovations.

5. Electricity and pipelines
Whether you are providing lighting for the interior and exterior, large machines for production, or power for other professional equipment, you need a licensed expert in this area, as well as in sewers.

6. Fire protection system
One aspect that cannot be ignored in terms of fire safety is that you must replace or add sprinkler systems to protect your employees and customers. To install a fire protection system you need to work with an experienced contractor because you cannot allow any problems to occur in this type of project.

7. roof
It is important to check the condition of your roof every year to ensure that your roof stays dry and to protect your building from water leaks that can eventually cause mold. The roof is often overlooked, but in fact it is very important, it provides protection for the entire building.

8. outer wall
In winter, you can’t spend the whole day outdoors without a coat, which is the same principle as your building facade. If it is old, damaged, or unable to effectively block outdoor weather, it may affect the structure of your entire building and may cause damage to the building due to water leakage and mold. Therefore, your exterior wall must be repaired or replaced before it becomes severe. In addition, your facade is the first thing people see, and it represents the image of your business. Therefore, the exterior wall is very important.

9. Air conditioning system
For heating or cooling, maintaining the right temperature in your building is good for your products and your employees, and don’t forget the energy costs at the end of the month. It is always important to have a good air conditioning system, but most importantly, it must be able to cover all the space in your building and meet all your needs at the lowest cost. The heating or air conditioning system must be suitable for your commercial or industrial building.

10. Paint
When the decoration is completed, or you just want to renovate the interior or appearance of your building, painting is your best choice. It can make your building look new and relatively cheap.

11. Inspection of the construction site
Throughout the project site, your contractor will ensure that the work performed fully meets your requirements and is completed as soon as possible within the planned period so that your project can be completed successfully!

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