Beyond Your Expectations and Impress the World
Beyond Your Expectations and Impress the World
Beyond Your Expectations and Impress the World
Beyond Your Expectations and Impress the World
Beyond Your Expectations and Impress the World
Beyond Your Expectations and Impress the World


Same Budget, Different Results


Design and construction of new, rebuilt and expanded projects for residential housing (including application for Building Permit, inspection by municipal government at all stages)


Bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, tile, basement completed, indoor and outdoor painting, door opening, window opening, stair floor, terrace fence construction

3 Year Warranty

3 year warranty for primary homes, 1 year warranty for rental homes


Jeffrey Huang

Jeffrey Huang

General Manager
With more than ten years of experience in the commercial and interior decoration industry, we are committed to bringing the most perfect experience to customers with affordable price.


Architecture Designer


Project Manager





New Building


All Projects


Renovation after Buying a House

The following are just some of my personal opinions and experiences. You are welcome to exchange views with officials. Since I am not a professional writer, the order may be a bit messy. I can only think of what to write and hope to share some experiences with you.

Things to Note in Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial buildings are different from civil buildings. Commercial buildings place higher demands on builders and owners. This requires a detailed understanding of commercial building construction.

House Addition or Rebuild

A common dilemma facing growing families: What to do if the number of family members exceeds that? Traditionally, people tend to renovate existing homes, usually adding bedrooms to accommodate small children, or selling existing homes to buy larger ones.

Home Renovation In Canada

What should we do in Canadian house renovation? Don't make houses look too "personal" Many friends like to decorate their home with their own personality, or put many decorations full of family affection, such as hanging many photos of family and children in the house. If such a house is used for living, it is naturally very good. But if used for sale, this is a big taboo.



Betterview Construction Ltd.’s founder Jeffery Huang started undertaking renovation projects as a sole proprietor in 2010. Jeffery’s philosophy in delivering quality work efficiently and innovatively has earned him positive and solid reviews and a strong referral base. and went full force as a General Contractor. Betterview Construction Ltd. is an affordable and reliable renovation company that works collaboratively with our clients to help them to achieve their vision at minimum hassle. We pursue exquisite craftsmanship and inspired design, and strive to create an ultimate living environment that is unique to your personal taste We undertake medium size to large size projects from design/ build custom built homes, additions and extensions to the existing structure, complete home renovation including kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations to structural changes. Whether working on a single room or renovating a whole house, we plan meticulously and provide clear quotes with no surprises or any extra charges. All residential renovation projects come with a 3-year full warranty. The warranty covers all labor and materials. We are fully licensed and insured . Improving your home is a major investment and Betterview Construction Ltd. strives to give you real value for your money and a unique level of services. We are looking forward to learn about your thoughts!

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